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Rescue - Rehab - Rehome - Repeat

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Mountain Haven Animal Rescue and Support Services, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to creating a  new leash on life for animals in need and at risk.



At Mountain Haven Animal Rescue, we just love animals.  It is our goal to continually provide the best care and opportunity for animals to have a successful second chance at the life they so justly deserve.  If you are considering adopting your new best friend,  check and see who we have ready for adoption.



Let's Focus on The Good Stuff

Rescue often instantly brings to mind sad and unfortunate situations, and yes they do exist.  Most times this is the very reason why animals come into shelters.  Mountain Haven chooses to place the focus on moving forward...moving into the new life and embracing all that has to offer for the animals in our care.  The fresh start begins here with quality care, compassion and a ton of love.  Medical care as needed, the best nutrition and enrichment is the foundation upon which the new life is built.  But it doesn't stop here.  After all,  Life is a Celebration!  Let's stay in touch, keep enjoying our lives spent with our pets.  The human/pet bond is an amazing thing that is so beneficial to our souls as well as to those of our pets.  They give so much to us, enhance our lives and fill our hearts  with their unconditional love and compassion. Quite frankly, we owe it to ourselves to be present in their company as we stand to learn quite a bit from them.   

So moving on through rescue and rehab to a life filled with love and companionship is truly a remarkable gift.  Let's celebrate this together, never take for granted this being who is always willing to be beside us, sharing our lives and space. 


Stay tuned here for educational tidbits that can help you provide even more for your new family member.  Tips on nutrition, health, training and enrichment are all headed your way. 


When we rescue animals and ready them for adoption, they receive medical care and treatment as needed, get pre-spoiled and learn what love and trust is all about.  Whether a senior pet, one with special needs or a puppy, each animal we are blessed to share time with gets all he or she needs for the wonderful life they deserve.  We pride ourselves on the care we give them and the care we take in finding them the perfect new home.  Adoption at Mountain Haven takes on a whole new meaning.  You adopt your new family member, and we add you to our Mountain Haven family.  The relationship continues through social media, texts, photos and more.  We value you as an integral part of the work we do.  Together we all do great things.



Our very first initiative was the Mountain Haven Pet Food Pantry and we are still helping those in our communities to feed their pets during difficult times.  With the onset of Covid19 came an abundance of need for pet food.  With the help of kind hearted folks in our community, we have been able to serve many in this difficult time.  Our community is strong, and is an integral part of Mountain Haven.  The compassion of our team, our neighbors, and business colleagues keeps us going, restores our faith in humanity when we see difficult cases, and fills our hearts so we can continue to push forward and serve.


Wildlife rehab is a hard initiative.  Never State funded but always needed, wild life rehabilitator's are licensed by the State but beyond the training, the responsibility falls directly on the professional rehabber to care for the animals that fall victim to illness and injury. This is no small task and I truly admire the professionals that rise to the occasion to serve this need.  This past year we unexpectedly lost a tremendous hero to wildlife, but her legacy lives on through the organization she founded and to that end I ask that you reach out to the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center if you encounter injured wildlife.  They are an amazing and informative dedicated group of individuals that can assist and advise as the need arises. Here is their contact information:   Phone: 518-989-6534 or 518-965-1864.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” 

– Anatole France

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Adoption Center: By appointment only.

6 Bone Hollow Road, Accord, NY 12404

Call or text for an appointment - thanks!

(845) 687-9649

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