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MEET GOLDIE AND KRISSIE! Both have been adopted and we couldn't be happier for them and their new families!!!

Goldie and Krissie came to us as an emergency rescue.  Their owner suffered a mental setback that required family members to intervene and relinquish these two little ladies to our care.  We are told they are sisters, four years old and a mix of pomeranian and poodle.  Very unsure and frightened, these little ladies need to adjust to being fear free as we continue to work with them.  Both still need to be spayed and Goldie has a leg that clearly suffered a break at some point.  She is favoring the leg, and may require further medical treatment to get her using it more.  Both girls were living in a crate with little freedom to roam and be active.  We are working on this as well.  With time and patience, these little ladies will let their inner light shine and be lovely companions.  In just a few hours we were graced with some cuddles and kisses.  Both girls will be ready for adoption soon, and we welcome your interest and application to adopt. 

Meet Jolene!

Jolene is a beautiful six month old female Heeler/Lab mix that is a bundle of energy.

We were told that she is dog and child friendly but tends to chase cats.  Given the mix that she is and the fact that she is a puppy, Jolene's energy is to be expected.  So if you have the time, love and energy to put into Jolene, she will be a great addition to your family.  And did I mention the cuteness factor?!  Adorable and curious too!!  


Mochi is a young fella - still a pup at 10 months, and full of love and snuggles.  Mochi's owner needs to rehome Mochi quickly due to life changes, which we all know can throw curve balls every now and then.  This fun loving pup loves all people, dogs and children and will make a great family dog if you have the time and patience to finish off training him.  Just look at that face and his playful, toothy grin!! 

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