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Available for Adoption


MEET QUINCEY! ! - Adopted 2/25!!

Quincey is a beautiful red and white coated huskie pup.  Just one look in those blue eyes and you can't help but fall for this little guy.  Quincey came to us with a cleft lip which just seems to add to his uniquely gorgeous look and beautiful personality.  Quincey has his age-appropriate vaccines and is microchipped as well.  This little fella will grow into a stunning and strong boy and will do best with someone who understands  needs of this athletic breed.  


MEET JESSE !!!  - Adopted 2/29/24

Jesse is an adorable little Black and Tan Ticked male Dachshund pup.  Super sweet and loving, this little guy will have you wrapped around his paw the minute you see him.  Jesse loves to cuddle under your chin and binge watch a series on Netflix over anything else.  Jesse has his age-appropriate vaccines and is microchipped.

Meet Brody!! - Adopted 3/1/24

Brody is a hilarious little Pug pup.  Playful and full of Pug antics, Brody came to us with grade three luxating patellas, an umbilical hernia and is ready to fill your life with love and laughs.  Brody has his age-appropriate vaccines and is microchipped.  

Meet Dash!!

Dash is a beautiful and sweet little American Eskimo pup.  Dash was born 11/24/23 and came to us with two luxating patella's which don't slow him down one bit.  This little fella is ready to have a home of his own and win you over the minute you meet him. Just a beautiful fluff of a pup.

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