We never know what amazing animals will come through our doors or when, but between this page and our Facebook page we will keep you informed as to who is, and will be, available for adoption. Many folks ask what the first step is in the process for adoption.  It's really quite simple, scoot over to the Adoption Application button and complete your app.


Meet Archie! Adopted 11/20/21!

Archie is an absolutely adorable five month old male Lhasa pup. With his adorable over bite, you can't help but smile every time he looks your way.  Beautiful, playful and of course happy to cuddle in and watch some TV with you. 


Meet Jenna! Adopted 11/19/21!

Jenna is a five month old female Havanese with the most gorgeous red brindle coat and gorgeous brown eyes.  Beautiful inside and out, Jenna is an absolute love! 


Meet Oscar! Adopted 11/20/21!
Oscar is a beautiful little Lhasa that loves to play and snuggle.  Super cheerful little four month old fella that is sure to win you over the minute you see him. He definitely has us wrapped around his little paw!


Meet Kai! Adopted 11/20/21!

Kai is a gorgeous five year old male Australian Shepherd.  Kai had a rough start in life, living his life in a small crate in his own feces.  Fortunately, Kai was rescued by an amazing woman who is currently fostering him.  Kai has a wonderful personality, gets along well with other dogs of all sizes and with children too.  He has a great deal of energy which is typical of the breed and he needs to be in a home filled with love and the promise of never being crated again as it was an awful experience for him.  Kai is neutered and vetted and ready to be loved for the beautiful soul he is. 


Meet Lenny! - Adopted 10/2/21!

Lenny is an adorable tiny four and a half month old male Yorki.  this little fella is a whole lot of cuteness in one small and loveable little package.  Sweet and playful, this little guy is an absolute treasure.


Meet Morty!  - Adopted 10/3/21!

Morty is a tiny male Morkie (maltese/yorki mix) who is four and a half months old and living proof that great things come in small packages.  Playful, loving and so adorable, Morty will have you wrapped around his little paw in no time at all.