We never know what amazing animals will come through our doors or when, but between this page and our Facebook page we will keep you informed as to who is, and will be, available for adoption. Many folks ask what the first step is in the process for adoption.  It's really quite simple, scoot over to the Adoption Application button and complete your app.


Meet Jasper!  - Adoption pending

Jasper is an absolutely adorable four and a half month old Yorkie and Havanese mix pup.  What a personality!  Playful and curious about everything, this little guy will charm you the instant you meet him.  


Meet Frankie! - Adoption pending

Frankie is a  male Schnauzer and Bichon mixed pup that is just shy of four months old.  He loves to play, and absolutely loves to snuggle into your neck the instant you pick him up. 


Meet Phoebe! Adoption pending 

Phoebe  is a beautiful four and a half month old cavalier and havanese mix pup that is so much fun.  Her tail is always wagging and she just loves to play and spread her fun loving cheer.  Super sweet and petite with eyes that will make you melt, everytime!


Meet Sadie!

Sadie is a gorgeous female one year and 8 month old Beagle.  Fun loving, sweet, loves everyone and is ready to brighten up your life.  Fully vaccinated and spayed, Beagles are great all around family dogs.

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