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Change is in the air....

Every morning I get up early and do my usual routine of coffee ready for the hubs as he heads out the door, and coffee for me as I check emails and messages and make the list for the day of what needs to be done at work, at the rescue and at home. Then, since it is still early I have time for a second cup of coffee and usually take that one out on the deck. The air is cooler these past few mornings and the dew is heavy. I look out at my field and the tiny building that used to house a few rescues but just didn't work out well for how we have grown. And I dream...of one day. Sounds almost idyllic right? Well one day and someday are often said in my home, and sometimes what those words pertain to comes true and more times than others they remain in the "someday, one day" mental file, along with dreams and ambitions that will never come to fruition as real life continues to get in the way.

I have been radio silent for a couple of weeks now. It has not been an easy summer for many, and on a personal level it has been a rough and tough one for sure. Many changes, many mirror of reality moments, and all while trying to adjust to this new normal of living life by appointment, matching masks to outfits, and hoping the hand sanitizer doesn't explode in the car. One of the changes on the horizon is that we are heading into the final year of a lease that was way over our heads. The retail store is caput and everything is done by appointment. I use the place as the adoption center, which requires transporting animals back and forth by appointment for meet and greets and although not far from my house, it is a chore to do so. The quarantine room is up here at the house, and I have to admit, it is one of my favorite places to be. I love watching the dogs thrive and enjoy themselves while relaxing and getting the care they need for a fresh start. I love settling them in for the night with a good movie on their TV and a special long lasting snack while they snuggle in to their cozy bedding. By now you may be thinking I am that crazy dog lady, and perhaps you are right, but it's okay, I own this persona.

One of several mirror of reality moments for me was the fact that I will need a new home for Mountain Haven, and it will need to be in the works in the coming months.

After much planning, running different scenarios, of what to buy and/or build, budgeting, and even crying, I found what will be the perfect, permanent solution for Mountain Haven.

A new, better building right here, where it all began. The planning and timing is key and as I am typing this I am awaiting a call to discuss one of many quotes. My stomach is in knots. I can project plan and wheel and deal for the day job with gusto and self assurance, but when it comes to the animals and limited resources with which to work, it is a whole other ball game. I need to move fast, and work needs to begin in the coming months. With the change of seasons there will be some need for flexibility and although I am finding this very stressful, I know the "someday" will become a "one day" in the very near future because as the mirror of reality has shown, the clock is ticking.

So although I love having my morning coffee early on the deck in the coolness of seasonal change, this morning it meant even more as I envisioned excavation of the field space and the calm in knowing that the work of Mountain Haven will continue, without the fear of a lease, having to move, and where to go next. Home should be permanent, it should be a sanctuary and it should nurture with love, safety and security. Mountain Haven is the first taste of home for the animals that come to us. It will continue to be the place where love conquers all, the food is great, the TV is great, and that evening snack and comfy bed is divine. It's good to be a Mountain Haven pet and it's good to be home.

Here is the plan so far...fingers crossed. Needless to say we need to raise some money too, so any donations are greatly appreciated. I am not good at asking for help, and I am not very good at fund raising either, but the need far outweighs my lack of skill in those departments. This will happen, it simply has to. We are looking to raise approximately $70,000. So dare I say, that the coffee jitters and the stomach knots are not leaving me any time soon.

xoxo - Janine

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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2020

Is that your new haven in the works? Happy to make a donation towards it when I see you again.


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