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The Mountain Haven Pet Food Pantry

The Mountain Haven Pet Food Pantry, filling the bowls of companion pets one "pawtion" at a time!

The Mountain Haven Animal Rescue and Support Services Pet Food Pantry is a surrender prevention initiative designed to assist pet owners experiencing financial hardship to feed their pets. Contact us today to learn more about this program designed to keep pets in their loving homes.

"Identifying and fulfilling community need is the cornerstone of all community service organizations.  From a service delivery perspective, combining efforts between organizations enables us as providers to better fulfill need and further strengthen our communities."
                                                                                                      - Janine Carchidi
                                                                                                        founder, Mountain Haven

In addition to helping those facing temporary financial hardship, we have reached out to align ourselves with our local Meals on Wheels program, the Veterans Administration and various Senior Citizen groups within our surrounding communities.  The methodology behind this program is to provide and preserve. Provide pet food where it is needed and preserve  the mutually beneficial relationship that exists between these dedicated pet owners and their pets. Many of the participants in the Meals on Wheels program are house bound seniors who have companion pets that mean the world to them.  Rather than have their pets go hungry, the owners share their own rations with their pets.  As heartwarming as this is, it is heart breaking as well.  Neither the pets nor their owners are deriving sufficient nutrition and we all know we cannot sustain life on love alone. Similarly there is a sector of seniors that are not home bound who live on fixed income that barely covers rent and is subsidized with food stamps.  Food stamps do not allow for the purchase of pet food and supplies.  The same is true for our retired veterans that are income qualified recipients of community services.  This program has proven itself to be an effective labor of love for Mountain Haven, from the big-hearted heroes that contribute to its sustainability to the gracious recipients and their pets.